KidRobot Mini MUNNY - White Vinyl figure


You can draw on mini Munny!
You can paint on mini Munny!
Use pens, pencils, & crayons on mini Munny!

Make things to put in Munny's hands!
Make hats to put on Munny's head!

Or you can just leave Munny alone and keep Munny next to you for company.


  • Soft vinyl toys, matte white are meant to be customized with paints, markers, sculpts, etc or left alone for display
  • Comes packaged with one 4" vinyl toy (pictured on the outside of the box), a mystery accessory, “Hello My Name Is” card, practice sticker and a marker
  • Arms articulate at the shoulder joint and head has full 360-degree rotation, head and arms are removable and figure is easily reassembled
  • Recommended for all ages 3 years and above
  • Diy toys are for “do-it-yourself” projects – but have fun with friends, have a munny party or a custom munny show
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